You know why Yasuo is overnerfed?

Rito pls. U said u nerf Yasuo, couse if he has so good late game(a shit ton of champs are stronger late game, even tho they take 0 skill, but whatever), he needs to have weak early. Oh ok we got the weak early part, but u forgot that almost every single nerf to him affected his late game too! Why not give him better hp/lvl like kata got when u nerfed her base hp? Why the %flow gain from dash got removed instead of making it like: 1%/2%/5%/10%/20% on ranks. Why merf the movespeed anyways? Why nerf the dash dmg stacking that way if u could do this way: Yasuo increase the base dmg of the dash by 25% up to 0/1/2/3/4 times. I think all the nerfs should be fixed, so they dont affect his late game.
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