Some constructive criticism please!

For once I'd like some constructive criticism for the comment I'm going to make rather than idiots making completely single minded and deluded comments ty! So I've posted a few times asking for advice in one way or another about what can be done when your team are constantly making a huge amount of errors. One thing I've picked up on recently after reviewing a few of my games is the sheer difference between the allies I'm with and the enemies I face. When I win a game I and one other person on my team will be carrying (in at least 75% of wins) and end the game with a good KDA and most of the objectives taken by us two, it's quite rare that the whole team will chip in and be equals regarding the game being won. The games I lose, I still do well take as many objectives as possible and usually have a good KDA until it gets to the point on defending our base with my life. The main difference looking at these games is that the whole enemy team always seem to do well and all get fed, and a majority of my team will be doing badly to the point that I can't have a single impact on the game. So firstly, I'm asking for advice on how to play to win solo or what champions can have a big enough impact on the game that your allies don't particularly need to do much. Secondly has anyone got any ideas why this is happening regarding the teams I'm getting opposed to the ones I'm playing against, is it my MMR or just being unlucky that I've been getting this so frequently.

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