Trying to improve by watching replays...doesn't really work out

Since the new client feature that allows you to watch replays, I have been watching mine since yesterday. Even tho I won the games, I'm sure there was room for improvement. But when I watched my games...most of the mistakes I was able to notice was notably: -1 I'm missing skillshots/bad with dodging spells. (Can't do a whole lot cuz I'm bad...) -2 I play too chicken (Or at least it seemed that I was playing lots safer than I needed to...but I'm not completely sure of it.) It is easy for me to see if one is playing too aggressive, simply because they die more for nothing. But how am I supposed to know if it was good that I played a bit safe, or if I really was too chicken. xd So I'm watching the replays, to see my mistakes. Problem is, I'm not sure which ones are really mistakes and what not. xd
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