Vayne smite OP, won 4v5

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Hey! This is my first post so go easy on me >.< In-Game name : Sushi on you Server : EUW Rank: Plat 5 scrub Figured i&#039;d share my Vayne smite game, was quite surprised how it went. End game stats : 26 / 12 / 15 We got 4 barons and 3 drakes. {{item:3931}} I accidentally played Vayne smite yesterday. It has TONS of damage. {{item:3931}} Game info: We played 4v5 and every lane were losing, Vi had to hold top since our kayle went afk after 2 mins. Enemy team&#039;s Fizz went 8-0 after laning phase and ended up solo winning top / mid and jungle. Building path: So what i built was : Skirmisher > Devourer > Bork + Boots > PD / Furor enchantment ( helps a ton if you&#039;re good at kiting ) > QSS ( was neccecary since enemy team had skarner + galio + fizz ult ) > IE > sold BORK for BT lategame since i needed the sustain and extra dmg. Ability Order : 1-------2------3-------4-------5-------6-------7------8------9------10----11----12----13----14---15---16----17---18 W > Q > E > W > W > R > W > Q > W > Q > R > Q > Q > E > E > R > E > E Laningphase: Laningphase went thru such: We started golems ( smite helps a ton ) so i was lvl 2 and ended up always being ahead of lucian and galio. I focused on farming and backed and got my Skirmisher at my first back at 4 mins got a kill, recalled at 9 mins and started stacking my Devourer, kept farming golems + scuttle crab for the free stacks. I got a few kills which helped stacking my Devourer a lot. Mindset / Objectives thru the game We forced drake pretty early since i max W on vayne, i could take down drake pretty fast + the smite helps quite a lot. So everytime i saw Skarner top, we went and took drake. We managed to win a teamfight around 20 mins, so instead of pushing up mid, we took baron. We focused on objectives and ended up taking 4 barons and 3 drakes, enemy team could not steal it from us with our double smite, we played from behind pretty much the whole game so we had to play this way. We reached lategame and the teamfights ended up pretty close, either i live and we win, or i die and we lose the teamfight. They had a combo where Skarner would ult me into Galio ult and i couldn&#039;t do anything about it. So i ened up staying back in every teamfight. When Galio ulted i went in. Fizz hard focused me every fight, but i could 1v1 him late game with flash + E stun and 2 auto&#039;s. I think that we would have lost that game if i dnd&#039;t have smite Vayne that game, since normal vayne does not deal the same amount of dmg. The Smite / Devourer won the game for us. Thoughts I just felt like sharing my game, my opinion on smite Vayne is that it&#039;s really strong but i really missed heal and i don&#039;t recommend it if you&#039;re not very comfortable with Vayne / playing without heal. /// >> If anyone wants to play for fun or go ranked, feel free to add me. < <
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