Zoe should never have been made

Zoe's core gameplay is based around old Nidalee's concept where your Q deals more damage on distance travelled with all damage put in one spell. But the difference is they made it easier to use because you have a stun lasting almost as long as Morgana's snare does and that also increases damage from your Q that already deals insane damage. Her damage is comparable to Veigar which is hard to grasp since Veigar will always scale and has 3 abilities he can use for damage. Zoe needs one. One hit without the bubble deals about 800, with bubble it goes over 1k. They reworked Nidalee because they didn't think having all damage in ONE ability was a good design, then they reuse the previous issue with Nidalee and make a whole new champ using the same crap. If Zoe is to exsist there was never a reason for Nida to be reworked to what she is not.
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