The ranked system is broken. It's based on total RNG. If you get the team with the troll or the dc guy or the guy that decided to play full ap Sion support you insta lose. People don't care about winning at all. In blind pick people will say "relax dude this is not ranked, go play ranked if you want to tryhard". In soloq people will say "relax dude it's just a game and ur only iron/bronze/silver/gold/plat/diamond etc you're not playing in the LCS or something". Or the typical "dude it's just a game so what if I'm 0-12 teemo jungle, I have fun". Really? Do you have fun wasting hours of your life playing a game not to win or to get better but just to be bad at it and feed every time just for the heck of it, without even trying? OK I GET IT. There are people who like to waste time doing nothing. I get it._** CAN WE HAVE A QUEUE WHERE THOSE PEOPLE ARE LIMITED? **_It's not like if you get better you'll get out of it. We see grandmaster/challenger streamers and even pro players(e.g. broxah) complaining that people even at the upper ladder are trolling and don't give a damn about the game. SO what does this mean? **IT MEANS THAT THE QUEUE HAS TO GET BALANCED.** You want to leave blind pick as a place for trolls to gather and play shen jungle? COOL. Can you at least update soloq in a way where those behaviours are non-existent? **IF ANYONE HAS THE SAME PROBLEM AS ME I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINION ON HOW THE QUEUE COULD GET BETTER. OR IF YOU DISAGREE I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR OPINION ON WHY I AM WRONG.**
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