My 2 Aatrox reowrks

**Aatrox - CC, teamfight, long teamfights, durable** abilities no longer cost health. Passive = -change his passive to increase his armor and MR just like how his attack speed is increased now -remove attack speed portion -remove revive Q = -remove damage or lower it -make it increase his armor and MR, or it should give him a shield which potency increase with a flat amount depending on how many champions hit with Q. last suggestion is to make Q giveing him a flat % damage reduction depending on how many champions hit with Q. W= -rework it so abilities that Aatrox hits on enemies mark them, and marked enemies lose movement speed while they are around Aatrox. E= - remove slow, keep damage. R= -make it a taunt. -marked enemies in a small-medium radius around you are taunted for 1 second. **Aatrox - Duelist, bruiser, long teamfights** Abilities cost health. Passive= -remove revive -make it a CC breaker with 20 sec cooldown. -keep attack speed effect. Q= - make it a fast medium ranged dash instead of a jump. it should no longer knock up, but marks and slows every champion you go through. - marked enemies take % health damage from aatrox attacks W= - don't change E= - remove slow - keep damage, and if it hits a marked enemy it will root the enemy aswell. R= - remove current effects - choose a marked enemy, the enemy you choose takes damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt to you for the next 5 seconds.
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