Supp players want to play other roles too

In Ranked 18 games in row (coming up to 19th in a moment) I have picked Jungle as Primary, Support as Secondary and got the Support role. And that's without counting all the dodges in between, with them you can easily double that number. There really needs to be some kind of limit introduced of how much % of the games you can get that one role, like no more than 7 out of every 10 games on the same role or something. I like playing supp, but not every god damn game, and I fail to see any reason why I have to intentionally pick some other lane instead of it just so I would get that 1...2 games in some other role. This is getting retarded Update: 20th game - same results. Got supp. Our top was kind enough to swap with me so yay, got something else to play for one game! Woohoo
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