The conflicting philosophy behind Ranked Solo/Duo Queue

**DISCLAIMER**: This post was made by a Solo/Duo Queuer, do not complain about not mentioning Flex or any other queue. I do not play in those queues and do not have the experience to mention anything about them. Simply leave if you do not wish to listen to an opinion. Regarding the astounding and unforgettable experience of flaming, wishing death and simply bullying your teammates in Solo/Duo Queue, there is a reason behind all of this. In this queue, you may only control yourself and perhaps another person that you are premade with. Everybody else in your team will be virtually uncontrollable, despite the ability to send messages in the chat, or pinging in the map, and that's because they may even mute those. Which practically makes you hope you will share enough information as a team to engage, disengage or cooperate in any other form. However this is a team game. When a team loses, all of its members lose, and the other team wins, and so do its members. To win as a team, everyone must at least cooperate (aside from the cases where Jax just decided to split top and you somehow won while fighting 4v5 in mid). However, Riot has been recently thinking of giving more damage to everyone, with Solo/Duo Queue in mind, since tanks, for example, cannot carry themselves due to lack of damage. This is conflicting because on the one hand the game itself demands team cooperation, but on the other hand it supports the cases where you are alone and your team hard ints. However, in the end you are going to lose, because you need to outnumber the enemy team in order to decide the game. And in most cases, a number of members of the losing team will not deserve the loss due to them being trolled. "Your Nexus was blown, and so is your rank.", said Rito Gems to the poor 15/0/13 Yasuo who truly got out of his way to carry the game and defeat the enemy. But that Yasuo, despite the community hate towards Yasuos, deserved to win. It was the last match on his promotionals, and now it's all gone. Over an hour and twenty minutes worth of time wasted into the altar of League of Legends (not a TT reference) only to go back to where he was three hours ago. This is unhealthy and ruins the whole ranked experience. I'm not going to ask removing the promotionals altogether, but ranked could definitely be better. There's not just that problem that needs to be tackled and I've tried expressing my opinion on the AFK but not remade issue. To me, I'd prefer a system that overbenefits the player, rather than one that does not account for unfair matches. While acknowledging the imbalance in such a proposal, it's a better solution than sitting our asses down and accepting that. I do not want this to be the end of our efforts. For instance, in the example above, despite Yasuo's Nexus being blown, he should at least have a compensation. Either that be counting the game as a win, despite the team's loss, effectively promoting the player, or at least compensating in LP or not accounting for the game at all. I'd much more prefer a player in Platinum 3 having gotten there by winning LP instead of losing when his team loses, rather than a Gold 4 player who always loses with an overall KDA of 4.32. It feels unfair. P.S. The Yasuo example was objectively given, given the unlikeliness of the event's occurrence in an attempt to offer the most unbiased demonstration.
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