Nerf Lux Lost 4v5 from a Lux :D UwU

You may think that this champion{{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:99}} isnt picked often but if you look at lower elos this champion is picked every every! ranked with a Yi as well, its like they pick master yi but she is way worse for your team to handle, because she has CC Slows Huge shields since barrier is never nerfed, and a strong passive not to mention 20 seconds cd on R that was recently buffed at 100% ap ratio? are you guys serious? what are we season 3? 100%? 100%? She can R across the damn map and kill your entire team and if you have an afk how can you win vs her? if she is surrounded by tanks that cc you too srsly the only one i could R was Senna look my winrate if you think im noob and i trolled 10 games in a row from tilt so 25 wins 9 lose! 74% ranked winrate this is the second time im about to lose my promos i already lost them once dropped down to 90 LP and now again? You want me to troll again Riot? what the hell is this bs.(Revert those buffs in 10.2) P.S Not enough bans on the client to ban Lux and Yi,so if i ban yi they will pick lux.....100% of the games. Would love to hear your comments.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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