Bruiser items from last season

So last season Spear of Shojin and Atma's Reckoning were new bruiser items supposed to be released mid season, but then got delayed to later on in the year, preseason or start of season 9 or whenever it was, point is, they said they would be released later. Spear got changed completely and is basically a different item and I have not even seen any word of Atma's ever since, Mages and ADCs get their items as soon as possible but bruisers just keep getting forgotten. What is going on? Where is the compensation or compromise? For bruisers basically losing one of the items they were promised and then the other one not even ever being mentioned. And now on top of this, their one keystone is being changed to something that benefits mages and ranged champions more than the intended recipient!!! Riot, tell me what is going on because being told of new bruiser items last season, pulling them back and then not ever mentioning them is basically leaving us in the dark. Maybe you just forget about bruiser and toplane changes because none of you in the live design team play bruisers or toplane. It doesn't matter that Spear is in the game right now since it is basically the previous ER, and not all bruisers can use it, unlike the Spear that was advertised last season. At the very least, give us news on Atma's.
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