So I climed out of Bronze with Nami,

So out of 20 games with Nami I have managed to get from B3 to Silver V I played 20 games with her and won 19! I've been a casual player who's played on and off for a few years now and never been able to climb. [Match History]( I thought to myself right, I need a versatile support and Nami fit the bill for this and along with a few rules I made for myself I've come to understand I was seriously making my own Elo hell, here they are. Stopped playing a heavy pool of champs and lanes (I picked support Primary and Mid Secondary and Nami every game) Banned blitz every game (I personally have no issue with Blitz my my team always got caught with him all the time so that was one less thing to worry about) DID NOT EVER EVER EVER talk in chat, and I mean EVER. (I was one of those who flamed after the 3rd kill, this is sooooo stupid, all you do is tilt yourself and your team, I cannot believe how much this made a difference in game seriously, just bite your lip and carry on, talking in chat brings nothing to your team AT ALL! Took breaks after games even if I win (I watched my replayed and was super critical of my plays even when I won a game, this also gives you time to tone down from your last game. And that's it, thinking about it, I was a much better player than I though but holding myself back by breaking the simple rules above. I just had to share this with the community.
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