"No SS"...is not an excuse.

I'll be very brief, because this is starting to get on my nerves. Scenario: My toplaner goes MIA (missing in action, also called "ss" short for "mi**ss**ing"). Midlane dies to his gank 20 seconds later. Chat: _"top nice ss"_ or _"top why no ss?"_ or the classic _"GG REPROT TOP LOL SO BAD NO SS LMAO!!!!!!"_ Okay, lets forget that for the last one, I simply mute instantly and press report, because, lets face it, thats the kind of people who should get a perma. But other than that, I would like to ask you a simple question: **Are you serious?** You have a minimap. This completely op tool (rito pls nerf ^^) enables you to check, with one 0.2 sec glance, the positions and "MIA or not MIA" status of all enemy champions. What you also have is a "Tab"-Key, which is located just above the button you use to "shout" in chat (aka, the "shiftlock" or "capslock" - key). As a good player, and I guess most of you guys think of yourselves as such, glancing at the minimap every few seconds is as natural as lasthitting. If you do not ward, you need to do it even more often. Can I call MIA? Yes I can. Will I do it? Most of the time I will, I might even try to ping "Danger!" along the what I think is the immediately most threatened lane. However, I am not a perfect automaton programmed to play LoL perfectly. I am a human being. Sometimes I forget to ping, sometimes the ping comes 5-10 seconds late. Sometimes I assume my opponent is on his way back to lane and don't ping at all. My point is: If you are not playing perfectly, and that includes glancing at the minimap, you have no right to expect perfect plays from me or anyone else. If you get ganked successfully, first and foremost, thats your own fault. You could have paid attention to the minimap. You could have used your trinket. You could have warded. You could not have blown your mobility cooldown for some poke damage. Watch your favorite players in the LCS. When they get ganked, whats the reason 8/10 times? They made a mistake. 2/10 its some very good play like a jungle/support collapse on the midlane, but most of the times, its capitalizing on mistakes: positional, lack of vision, baiting or otherwise. The only thing I can tell you for sure, is what Faker or Febiven are not doing: They are not blaming their team when they get caught.
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