Do you think tanks are too strong?

Literally every game now, tanks just dominate. They have cost efficient items, good runes/masteries since the change, and still do reasonable damage. You just cannot do a thing if you dont Malphite/Leona/Sej etc in your game. Tabis are I play Quinn top primarily, so it's incredibly infuriating when every patch, tanks are still dominating when other champions are just left behind to become pointless. Also sick of being reported/flamed for 'troll picking', when I'm just trying to play something I enjoy, instead of having to conform to what is 'Good' Personally I find tanks boring, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but pretty much of my games lately revolve tank top laners, then getting repeatedly dove while I do 0 damage to them, it really makes me think that I can't climb while playing what I enjoy, and that there isn't any point playing the game for enjoyment, because it simply isnt as good as picking something top tier, resulting in incredibly stale gameplay. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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