Champion design

How much nagging will it take for you guys to reconsider shipping these champions? Now we have Akali who is gutted because you shipped her (I am ofc refering to her rework) as a champion with overall all good points but none that truly define her as a champion, making her overloaded. You've had this philosophy more or less for every champion that comes out nowadays. Give them so much to the point that they have no clear counters and they will be able to be played regardless of the circumstances. I am playing Ahri, for God's sakes, a completely fun and well designed champion vs a %%%%ing monstrosity that has a shield, no mana or expendable resource, bonus movement speed, a basic ability that blocks all of my spells, free auto attack resets and cc knock up that has quite the range (his Q) and additional cc dmg armor pen on ult (champ is Yasuo for the unaware). I mean you can't tell me that's not bullshit. How am I supposed to consider this match up fair or, a better question, how do I win it when the Yasuo in question has a clue as to what he's doing as do I. And even in the late game he just shows up, dodges everything because he has x number of free dashes, what he doesn't dodge he blocks with his W (which is a BASIC ABILITY) and proceeds to hit 3 q's really easily as they have no CD by then. Irelia, Ekko, Camille, Zoe, Kai'Sa like all of these shits are so overloaded it's disgusting to look at, and even more to play against. If I had 15 bans, and that number would expand as u proceed to release these overloaded champs, I wouldn't be complaining here, but since I don't, I can't help but ask what's going on that's making you find reason in the shippings of these horribly designed shit fests. I urge players to respond, if they do so, constructively.
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