Riot, Could you please clarify an Ivern Point...

First of all, for those that don't know, Ivern's Trigger Seed when placed on an ally, gives "them" the damage, and therefor can secure kills for the ally and not himself (Making him the only champ that can literally give allies kills) What I am unsure about is in the statics at the end of the game, does the "damage dealt" therefore, not include damage using Shields on allies? Similarly, I assume that "damage dealt" includes Daisy, but I do not think it includes damage Daisy takes? A lot of people blame Ivern's "winrate" lack of damage or lack of clearly visible tankiness, to justify calling him a bad champ. Clearing this much up would help change peoples opinion of the "support" jungler, and maybe, finally, encourage the "damage shielded" statistic :D
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