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Well this will be the place where i will write my toughts about some champions and about their current gameplay and eventuals changes, reworks, buffs or nerfs i think they could get (so i will not create more and more topics about single champions) {{champion:42}} Now since the preseason is coming i have something to say about corki: his package is a really cool mechanic, but for me it is too predictable: enemy team knows that after 8:00 corki will have packages, that if corki recalls he will probably get his temporary buff and probably he willl use it before it disappears.. this means that the buff is good, but too much predictable. I have a suggestion.. Corki can **BUY or ORDER packages with a special coin** (like krakens for gangplank?) maybe something from piltover (or Zaun? hahahahah).. each minion killed gives him also these special coins and when he reaches 100 coins (100 minions? maybe too much.. let's say 70 coins? i dunnow, but jungle must give more coins) he can order a package and it will be delivered in the place where he asks, clicking on the passive (like kindred that can select her target, cori will just click e the button order) and after 1 second it will be delivered, then he can get it and use it before it decays (THIS WAY enemy team will not know exactly when corki will use the package).. Btw after the first deliver** the cost of the package will be halved** and corki will buy others through the game, but faster.... This could open up a world of different improvements for "each ability" of orki but i don't want to overextend, btw i kinda feel this mechanic could be cool {{champion:67}} let's speak about **Vayne**, one of my most favourite hyper carry: Someone once said (recently) that they (the **developers**) want to give to her ulti "something more", not buffing her (she's kinda in a good -high-top tier) but more reworking te ulti a little... well.. i think i have the solution: just at **LEVEL 3** (of her "R", or ulti) her Q (tumble) during the ulti will be a bit bigger and will let her pass over walls... Don't tell me she has a low cooldown... Kindred can jump over a wall each 2 seconds, and a full cdr lucian, if good, can dash each 3 seconds or less, (and if i'm not wrontg also the new graves will) And BTW i'm speaking of her Q JUST DURING THE ULTI, and JUST WHEN ULTI IS AT LEVEL 3, so please rembemer this... If you consider it too big as a buff... just nerf a bit her movement speed... Other suggested this: her third attack of her W would normally proc just BONUS DAMAGE while during the ulti it will proc TRUE DAMAGE (like now, but a bit more than now, this i think wouldn't change her balance, but since developers wanted to think about something trickier... well we had these ideas... i prefer the first, because every champion with A DASH, A ROLL, A JUMP, A SHADOW (someone said gragas or sejuani?) CAN pass over a wall, just vayne can't... and i feel like **she wants to.** and i speak to the hearth of each vayne player.. each time you tumble against a wall and you get stuck in there, ya know what i'm speaking about.. that orrible sensation... just think over it and remember how frustrating is that millisecond...) {{champion:236}} Then, still speaking about marksmen (this is the period after all) let's see something about the purifier... Well i don't play lucian (just a few times, and he's funny) but i always tought that while the "idea" of his ulti is really cool i always felt (as a support, as a teammate, as an enemy) that it just doesn't fit its role. I will explain better: in my imagination is ulti is a "berserk mode" and i imagine lucian hitting multiple enemies at enormous speed moving and dashing... well the actual ulti works this way: it hits, it is fast, it can hit multiple targets, lucian can dush during it, buut it's too linear, too simple, too clunky for him, it's just like haveing a turret, a gatling that shoots multiple projectiles.. and it's (in theory ofc) smiple to avoid, because it's just a line of fire (i know good lucian players will basically one shot someone with the ulti, i'm not speaking about how efficient it is, i'm speaking about the fact that a simple multiple shoot in a lane doesn't fit the hyper accurate marksman that lucian's character is: i mean i can have this kind of ulti.. n a corki, on a kogh maw, but lucian is basically a non-missing-hit-character you get it no?) BTW i'm just blabbering **let's put soem ideas on the table**: what if when he actives his ulti he gets his passive always on and max attack speed 2.5 or why not also 3 would be fine (since now kogh can get 5, it could be done) and a little more movemente speed? This SHOULD and could last for 4-5-7 seconds or 6-7-8 autoattacks Imagine... with the passive ALWAYS ON he will fast refresh his E, and with the maximum attack speed he will dash in, hit one target, hit the other, hit another one, this while moving and dashing again from the reset... Another idea would be (but maybe this is too much difficult to realize and to learn to use) would be: same as before 2.5 attack speed and some movement speed (maybe a cdr on E) and the possbility to shoot to different target: with normal right mouse click lucian will shoot JUST WITH right gun, while if right click while pressing "R" or "ALT" (like shaco's clone) he will attack withe the left gun In both cases maybe the damage of his autos should be nerfed a bit... i personally like both of these ideas..are {{champion:121}} Well well, some time ago i had a look ona topic explaining which is actual kha'zix problems:: He's an assassin, but he doesn't have his own space: if you have to be an assassin that one shots the adc and flies away.. well zed does it better... If you have to enter a fight and survive there.. rengar and talon do it better... If you have to run in the jungle rengar does it better and has an higher ability to escape... Same with kassadin or fizz.. The only place where kha'zix is THE STRONGEST is the 1v1 against midlaner or marksman... and how can we say that.. it should never happen in a game.. and if it happens it's just a lucky moment for kha, who is a snowballing champion. Another thing is that because of the reset every game i have seen a kha'zix... he always evolved his E.. ALWAYS.... in theory i think he should (the player i mean) take decisions, to change his playstyle, but actually there is just one way to go kha.... I am not telling now to trongly buff kha'zix, but we kinda need a way to make him work better: his E actually is really good, maybe it cpuld rpel nearby units, but i don't see that... About Q i have some improvements: it could go this way: when Q kills a unit mesrby units, all champions included are terryfied for 0.25 seconds and are considered isolated for 3 seconds (too much?) (this CANNOT REPEAT befpre 10 seconds) About w... we can improve it this way.. it could "mark all the enemy units hit".. marked units are considered isolated and become visible for 3 seconds About R: we can make kha'zix see all the isolated units, but i feel it too much similar to rengar's R... I have this idea... when kha'zix ult The first target attacked is considered isolated.. (Or he could fear nearby minions or monsters when exits evolved ulti and make feared units not count for isolation) I dunnow how to improve these skills in-game Or you put more "points in evolution" like a total of 6 (5?) points while the total of possible evolutions are 8 (now i need something to improve E) And every time you have to evolve you have to choos beetween 2 different evolutions for each skill And for example ypu can have 2 evolution points in Q, 1 in w 1 in e 2 in R... maybe nerfing the base damage... and this way kha will get his isolation mechanic work better... Or you can just improve SOME of these skills... Mordekaiser: his main problem is of course the lack of mobility-gap closers.. So what if when stacking Q if he kills an unit he gains movement speex and tenacity? Btw morde is strong if he can get his enemies
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