Radical Support role suggestions.

Supporting issues around a while, less attractive role, i believe less effective role in solo que. Heres my suggestion to make support more attractive, more effective same supporting level. First of all, playing support is hard because you need to stick one person begining to end. People dont want to stick one person to make flashy playz, i can understand those non support main, single play stylish persons. So the idea comes from separeting adc and support roles. Kinda double jungle but old support new Craft role. Crafts dont farm jungle monsters, they are mining and lumberjacking in the jungle for get exp and materials for crafting items which they cant equip. Basicly they are helping their carries to get their juicy items faster. Meanwhile, second roamer role, there is a crafting time for items which crafters can roam in this duration. Im main support, i love playing support. This is an alternative option for people who dont like playing babysitter type role but have to play it. **Details: ** **Pickaxe:** basic starting item for crafters. Allow mining and lumberjacking. **Miners Tunnel:** New summoner spell, needs pickaxe to use, creates basicly a two sided portal between two points. Kinda reksai tunnels. It helps crafters fast traveling. **Ore and wood:** Basic materiels for crafting, crafters can have these with gathering or kills and assists. **Elder Oak, Obsidyen:** Legendery materials which spawns in dragon and baron pit for craftable only items. They can mine or harvest after killing Baron and dragons. http://imgur.com/LQfwMIw --------------- **Discussion:** Giving option to play solo bot lane, probably bear a problem like, if im gonna play bottom solo, then why im gonna play adc which scales with gold. Yes prob, people will take champs scaling better with level. To avoid this situation, taking pick axe can lower the bottom lane exp %50. And this prevent other lanes buying pickaxe, and abusing Miners Tunnel etc. **Early-Mid-Late game:** Suggestion comes from "leaving bottom lane solo" at early game, because crafters dont like babysitting, so we need to keep crafts busy till people start grouping. And crafting system must have impact the game around 15 min. Because no one realy likes Nasus type crafters in their games, win or lose doesnt matter. That means, crafters have to craft atleast 4 lover price items, 2 medium items or 1 finised item, before mid game. This will be helpfull in 2 vs 1'ing situation, your adc will lost cs, but gets an item as a reward for bad experience of laning. Late game is where crafts being useless, because how many items you craft doesnt matter at the end, everybody have the same item capacity. **Vision Control:** Ok my fellow ward machine support bros and sisters, this is already a problem in soloque, yes lux supports who dont like buying sightstone. So im gonna leave it how already is. Playing support gives team more vision and this is loss of "Craft" side. **Bot lane sustain:** Actually, if crafts play supportive champions, maybe Miner Gate could be usefull for adc, quick little back up. But the actual problem is, craft role is for the people who dont like playing support. That means to me, these guys never gonna play Soraka as a craft. Meanwhile, if opposite team have support(Not craft) their objective is going to be poke, kill or send back the lonely adc as much as possible. So i dont want to give free sustain item to crafts leave bot lane to support their adc fromfar far away. This maybe looks bad, but believe me, autofill supports drag adcs into hell most of the time. Usually, even if they know matchups. They want action and this is where we start to see black screens more often. At first fight, enemy adc lives with 5 hp while getting double kill. Second time half hp, third... And here we are snowballed bottom lane hard. The thing is if that adc play solo, he/she wont die before jungle help or something like tp. Why im talking like this, it is because adcs kinda have 0 potential to outplay. X beats Y, 30ad bigger then 10ad, its clear. **Meanwhile the jungle..:** So releasing support from bot lane, mostly effect the junglers. Counter jungling. Im not talking about 2 vs 2 jungling. If one team have support other team craft. This would be interesting experience for junglers. Maybe populating collectables inside of lanes can be helpfull. This can make difference between junglers and crafts pathing for ganks. Another difference is, jungler comes your lane to give you lead, craft come to your lane to dont fall behind. **Craft Income:** This must be equal to support income. There would be 2 way to earn gold. One is collecting gives you material + exp + gold. Second u get more then what you need as material, and if u want you can sell them, or you can craft more items(Reminder: Crafts cant equip crafted items). In second option pro craft players never gonna buy items for themselves, Like the pro games that supports finsh games only with wards. **Crafts Sustain: ** Every champion lose health or mana, thats why they need to back to base. I dont want crafts losing health and mana while collecting materials and they already have a reason to back to start crafting as fast as they can(Reminder: İtems have crafing duration). If one craft gets caught in junle, they will probably die, same thing with supports. Because crafts dont have towers to hide behind and supports/crafts always lowest level in the game. On the other hand, while doing your job, losing nothing cause some problems like tanking for jungler, infinite ganks, etc. They will have capacity for collecting and if they have movement speed debuff after reaching half capacity would force them tricky situation. **Exp loss bot lane:** After taking half exp from bot lane to pickaxe, we can see some kinda tricks like riven vsing cait. Riven always lead level and probably double top lane beat solo top. if they take towers fast Adc cant swap lane because of exp issues. If someone babysits bot lane, they both get quarter exp. This is the biggest deal of this idea. So the answer is team composition. The team have support can do this, the team have craft can invade enemy jungle with two person. --------------------- **What can be done with Craft Role " Beyond Crafting"** http://imgur.com/7Do7rpu These are some examples of crafting, just for help you to explain things better. **1) Fire Place:** There is a 2 fire place in the river which gives vision to team who fires it. One is on the wall which is against the Dragon Pit, other one is against the Baron Pit. So fire place is basicly vision mini game for craft role. İt has reveal levels. You need to feed fire to grant wider vision, but fire decays over time so vision too. I believe, I dont need to say that you need wood for fire. Fire Place needs to be activeted first with obsidyen (Legendary craft material which spawns at dragon pit), after activated crafts can fire it again and again. **2) Barricade:** Its basicly gives defansive or offensive attributes to towers. Stone Ruins, blocks 5 melee attacks. **3) Traps:** In this example, spike traps deal damage who steps on it. And we can use some champion abilities as traps. Like Illaoi's e Soul Trap, Rumble's Flame Thrower Trap etc... I dont expect to everybody love this, but thank you for your time and reading.
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