I have a question about promo's.

(TL;DR at the bottom). Hiya! I have a question about the penalties of dodging a game in champ select when you're in your promos. I was always under the impression that if you are in the middle of your promos and you dodge a game once you've entered champion select, then it will count as a loss. Someone once said this to me and for that reason I've never actually wanted to test it out because it would be counter productive. I had a bad run on my first 10 placement games, but I'm starting to climb relatively well since. I just had a game where two people came into the champion select very triggered and they were moaning (for lack of a better word) about the champion bans. They were calling everyone monkeys and saying the team was going to make them lose yet another game. So I quickly looked up their names on op.gg, and these guys were on a big lose streak - one of them has only won 3 games out of their previous 20. I really wanted to dodge but I didn't know for certain if it would not count as an automatic loss, because you could just tell by the atmosphere right away the game was not going to go well. Then they were threatening to intentionally feed, and I asked them if they could please at least try as I'm in the middle of my promos, and then they said they will lose the game on purpose so I lose my promo game. - - - - Basically, is it true that if you dodge a game in champ select when doing your promos, it will count as a loss? If so; Riot, would you ever consider introducing some sort of "allowance" that would allow people to do so without it having overbearing consequences? I like playing the game, but there's honestly no fun whatsoever in spending 25-45 minutes playing a 3v5 without an adc or a mid laner as a support. Thanks!
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