autofill can be annoying at times or even lose you a game...but this is a whole new level

so i just played my second promo game to probably d3 and already lost the first one so i really had to do well now. when i got in champ select the first thing i noticed was that we had 2 riven otps and a riven main (myself included) so that already sucked. turned out our jungler was on his offrole, our midlaner and support autofilled. even worse: every enemy laner was on his main position. how is this even anywhere near fair? this game was lost the moment matchmaking put our teams together? its not been the first time i lose a game due to autofill but in those games we at least stood some sort of chance and it didnt decide whether id win my promo or not but this is just incredible and it should really be improved....but i guess riot wont give a damn anyway right?
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