I can hoestly say current ranked is a huge pile of steaming crap.

Just got demoted to gold 2 after a losing streak from 61 lp. all of the games i won i had peformed well. and all off the games i won in gold 1 were when i had similar ranked teamates ( plat5-gold2) all of the games i lost i had also performed decently however the pattern was i had gold 3-silver 1 teamates . SO this last game play fizz v lb mid. first we both kill eachother. but then i get double kill 1v2 when graves ganks me. soon i had 5 kills. However it seems like my team was 30-10 (5-10 )kills mine. WELL? WHY? hmm our maokai who is gold 4 fed the enemy rengo who was silver 1. ALL THIS TIME I WONDERED WHY DID I EVEN GET MATCHED WITH HIM? (im gold 1 thats near plat ) SO I GO TO LOLNEXUS TO CHECK HIS MMR........ "too many duo games mmr might be inaccurate" A round of applause for riot matchmaking. WHATS THE POINT OF ME CLIMBING DIVISONS IF I'M GONNA GET MACTEHD WITH SOMEONE WHO IS 4-5 DIVISIONS BELOW ME? ( prime example : gold 4 trndamere main who was on a losing streak but ITS OKAY HE WAS ONLY AGAINST A PLAT 3 SHACO ON ENEMY TEAM) you may win lane but you'll lose anyway. so we'll match you with worse teamates coz thats apperently your mmr. well then you'll lose more. JUST FCK YOU RIOT MATCHMAKING.
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