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Hello Summoners, Have you ever won a game and hit 99LP and been thoroughly disappointed knowing that you're going to have to play an entire game before you can enter your promos? From a league system perspective, I totally understand why this happens. Your MMR may fall just short of the next division, so cheating by putting you into your promos would be slightly unfair. You still need to earn your spot after all, right? Those are not the scenarios that I am concerned with today. Today, I want us to look at my scenario, in which, I'm sure many others have been in before. I find myself currently on 98LP, having been on 92LP and recording a loss followed by a victory. So, after a 1W-1L record, I gained 6LP. To enter my promos, I must win an entire game for 2LP. Frustrating, right? But it happens. No, that's not what is the concern here. For me, the concern is that I have a +6LP gain per win/loss I incur. Now, if Riot's ranking system is perfect (no blame to Riot if it weren't, it's a big system), then that should suggest that I am slightly better than where I am currently. Furthermore, if we were to have me lose one more game, and win one more game, I would enter my promos. This to me, lacks logic. Why would a 50% win rate see me climb? The answer is simple, I am currently placed in Platinum 3, and my MMR is either of Platinum 2 or Platinum 1, meaning that I am playing against players in these divisions, instead of those in my own. This means that I earn more than I lose. So why am I not being put into my promos by Riot? My best guess would be that the system is **safe**. It'd be too volatile to put me into my promos because I have good MMR without me actually playing games, otherwise I could have had a lucky run of games. This is why skipping divisions requires vastly higher MMR than your current rank, because it must ensure that they aren't over-estimating your skill. Okay, so right now I've explained a little about the ranking system and my situation. But now here is my proposal. I do not wish to be in my promos, right now. I must earn these promos, and that is true, but what I believe should happen, is that if I were to win my next game, and only gain 2LP, I should start my promos with 1 win already granted. However, if I was to lose, drop me back down 16LP (how much I am losing). More importantly, it is not a set number. For example, it's not between 1-10LP or 1-5LP from promos. For this free win to be awarded, the LP from 100 that you must be, should be **equal to or smaller** than the difference between LP gained from 1 win and 1 loss. In my case, that is currently 6 LP. So, if we were to implement this, it would mean that, if I was anywhere between 94 and 99 LP, I would gain 1 free win, should I be successful in entering my promos. This makes up for the frustration that is landing so close to your promos, yet earning such a little reward should you win on 99 LP. It's a big block of text, and I hope some people take the time to read it to the end and it's easy to understand :) I do not have a problem with the current ranking system, and I do not have an issue with currently playing another game to enter my promos, because I am confident and enjoy playing League, however, this has been a thought that has been in my head for a few seasons now and I thought I would make the suggestion :)
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