What is wrong with peoples game knowledge in this game?

Just played a game and we won so this isnt a rage post or anything but im so confused with my teams mind set all my team wanted to do was team fight over and over again? :S im split pushing bot, taking my second tower, ive told them not to fight, not to engage, yet they still go and fight 4v5 in the middle of the map, fighting over nothing i dont get it, why? :S lol then later i got killed and the enemy team went for their second dragon stack, my team starts heading there and i tell them to leave it, go push a tower wave in but nope the walk in 4v5 and die and lose the dragon we won the game in the end because the other team decided to go for baron when we were all alive and i was an ekko jungler and stole it easily lol but i just dont get peoples mind set in the game, why always team fight? why fight over every dragon? :S
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