Championship riven: why change the spell particles to a neon-arcade-ish theme?

seriously ?! what the hell is this s**** **it doesnt fit her AT ALL!** So why did you change her particles effects with arcade/project effect ?! it s SO _**out of place**_ her sword is dark blue with crystal blue outline and yet you decide for whatever stupid reason to make her particle effect full crystal blue with neon effect ... why? WHY !? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} moreover you dont even give us the choice to chose between old beautifull and perfect particles effect (at least in terms of colour seriously . even if you ignore all the spell her ult is so bad right now ... did you scrap it from project ash ? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} maybe i suck at making research but how come it seems that i am the only one shocked by this ? so riot: could you at least tune her spell colour or give us the choice to select the old particles if we want to ? please note that this initiative of changing the spell particles on a skin suppose to define who got it back in the day is UTTER STUPIDITY. give this to the new 2016 championship riven and thoses wanting to use this new skin will play with it since it look like the 2016 version if gifted to all previous owner. nb:dont come and say "muh never happy/ungratefull " its not because they do something that it should always be praised. when you f***** up you f***** up, there is no "but at least they tried"
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