Why new skin for a pile of shit like VI ??.

Vi is a seriously outdated champion.....So WHY, give her a new skin.?? Let me put it so you understand: *A pile of shit does not smell better, just because you paint it in gold!!!. VI.. is a pile of shit. *She can NOT jungle properly. *She can NOT play top properly. *She can NOT play support properly. *She can NOT play mid properly. She can NOT do anything, that others can not do at least 5 times better!!!!. SO, again, Why give a useless champion a new skin. Her Denting blows...(every 3d attack does hp damage)..skill.... Is completely useless. Every 3d hit on the SAME TARGET... does small extra dmg... If you switch... you are back to zero. AND, there is not even an activation for that skill to do something useful either!!!!. So it just sits there in the middle doing NOTHING OF VALUE!!!. SO, VI is playing with 3 skills...While every other champion in the game have 4 skills. (hence, she is a pile of old smelly shit). And giving her mana as resource management is %%%%%%ed beyond stupidity....Specially, since her skills are so %%%%ing expensive to use!!!. Just to try and keep up with the wave clearing, you are getting Out Of Mana!!!!!. Meaning, you have to go back, and get your tower destroyed, because she can not keep up. The thing is, if you can NOT wave clear fast enough... you might as well just give up from the start, since you will be backed under your turret, while enemy champion and minions are beating your tower, and you will lose miserably in the end. So... WHY, is VI getting a new skin??. The reason why Riot does it: Riot have become yet another greedy asshole company like the rest.... The crowd see the champions that are useless.... Riot sees them also, but instead of fixing them, they just sell another skin to make money, and hope that the players will be stupid enough to get that bait......In the long run, that is a very very stupid way to go. Stop with the %%%%ing skins, and FIX your damn game instead!
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