Please RIOT

Please, I am tired of the unbalanced things you release. I love to play Zilean for example, but I can't play him in ranked games. Most of you will know what I'm talking about. I HATE seeing the same champions every single game, and I would like that champs like Illaoi and Tahm Kench would be nerfed to motivate variety. You, the high elo played will say that I'm just a noob that doesn't know how to play, but here, in elohell as some like to call it, it's literally impossible to do anything, it feels like playing ''Be a RIOT's Slave'', where everyone plays the champs that you, devs, want to see in competitive scene. I'm tired of banning always the same things. I can understand 6 or 7 champions out of 120+ to be extremely unbalanced, but this is too much. I understand that an Assassin Role champion kills in half a second, but for example, Volibear...what is going on with him? He is extremely kiteable, but if he reaches you, you're more than dead. I would like that tanks didn't have the ability to instakill. Take for example Vladimir. 4k HP but yet dealing 500+ damage with a 3-4 seconds cooldown ability, or Tahm Kench, going full HP and dealing massive ammounts of damage. I understand that these things are all about the competitive scene, but please, do take a look at low elo, where this problem is massive. I really want this thread to be some sort of pacific discussion, I don't want to attract high elo players telling me I'm a noob. Also I hope no one gets offended if I commit any grammar mistake, I'm not english you know. To end this post, I'd like to say that you devs are doing an AMAZING job at updating the HUD and the Champion Select and all those visual updates, keep it up :D Edit 1: After two months I've succumbed to the plague. I guess you can only play a few champs in order to rank up. After that stupid decision I've climbed up one entire league. Just what I was saying, play shit win games. PD: Akali tank is still a problem
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