The Splash No One Is Talking About Ok, first of, where is his face? ""But China can't show skulls! It's in their culture!"" He doesn't even have a skull anymore! Make the face like it is in-game! The same goes for all Karthus skins (except Pentakill and Grim Reaper) where his face is gone. If it isn't allowed on the splash arts, why is it allowed in-game? I actually really want a reason, Rito pls In the standard splash, there was a little change. His face got blacked out. F**king what? Was "The Skull" too much for us in EUW, NA, EUNE etc.? It looks more like a demented face. I'm done with this. Some changes are cool, the Grim Reaper is really good, but the rest of the changes are... uhm... not your standards. Outside of all this skull talk, shouldn't "The Statue of Karthus" be in a Statue of Liberty pose like before? The reason of the skin is to mock the Statue of Liberty, but you can't even get that right.
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