What's the point of Fizz's ult

Slow,knockup,slow jesus isn't one slow enough, if you get hit by this thing which unless you're 3 miles away it's pretty hard to dodge you're going to eat a shit ton of damage. but essentially you're not gonig to make any progress trying to move for 3.5 seconds. then on top of that you're getting hit for another 2 second 60% slow. it's so frustrating to eat the shark's damage while trying to get away from the fizz just to be slowed for even longer while the fizz just runs up to you because you're unable to move and then slows you again llike christ, this guy already kills me in 1 rotation, why does all this slow need to last for another rotation... Does he really need all these slows to be relevant in this game, I thought his playful/trickster was already annoying, now that you lowered it's cooldown, maybe consider nerfing some of this slow? before anyone says 'just stay under your tower' I'm not talking about early, got a game to try and win so we're not all gifted to being sat under our tower all game No other assassin's need a 5.5 second slow all stretched out with a knock up and a spell that removes fizz from the game as part of his rotation (also the fact that it acts like a gragas dash where he can flash before he hits the ground and deal damage over somewhere else is pretty bs)
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