Gnar is a meta champion and Riot wants to buff it, AGAIN?

ROC (Phaxi Renekton) VS Fnatic (Soaz Gnar) Game 1 Highlights - 2017 EU LCS Summer W3D1
Roccat VS Fnatic Game 1 Full Replay :
Here from the recent [Meddler post]( we see that his intentions are to buff {{champion:150}} . The only thing this might be is because {{champion:150}} relatively one the newest top laners (that's not op shit like {{champion:3}} or {{champion:79}} ) and is Riot's lovechild since he's almost always been meta since release. When he wasn't due to item nerfs, he would always receive a buff and get shoehorned back into meta no matter what. Well guess what Riot, Gnar has always been annoying to play against and he certainly proved that last night when he was able to 1v3 easily, shown in the title link. So no, he doesn't need buffs, he is completely fine, why don't you take a look at old Fighters who are incredibly hard to pull off and haven't received reworks in years, if ever ( {{champion:75}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:5}} etc.)?
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