Its only a "normal"

I have never understood why people think its ok to feed because its only a "Normal" and troll building, They think its ok to 5vs1 there whole team, They think its ok to blame the jungler when they got outclassed inlane. Yes, I dont like this matchmaking, I think its awful, People think its ok to have 9 deaths, I dont think alot of people playing this game have the knowledge on how not to give free kills away and get caught, I'm still learning everyday but this matchmaking tho is bloody awful, I have not had 1 balanced game in over the week i'v been playing, Its be stomped or destroy the other team, That's all its been, Getting a balanced game in this game is bloody rare i'm telling you now and riot think the matchmaking is balanced, pls! Some people are going to say "Carry", This game is not a solo, Its a team game so 5vs1 is impossible when there all fed. Edit: This what i mean, I might of won but look at this
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