Time to change the game.

Matchmaking is officially Grabage! I said it too many times, I had enough to have so many trolls, I just escaped of the Fcing TROLL BOT META!. I'm plat 5 atm, nothing special, plat 4 mmr and i get matched with 3 golds and a plat vs 1 gold and 4 plats. HOW is this working? more, two of my mates were troll picking, I had to have atrox jungle who doesn't do ganks, mid cho gath who was 1-5 in 10 minutes and garen top who was 55cs vs enemy 110cs. Can't call them noobs cuz i'll get insta punished, but they can troll games without consequences. I was done when min 15 came but ofc the trolls wont surrender cuz even if they troll and tilt everybody so much they have time to roast so they hope they will get carried by some tryhards who want to get lp but I was too tired of this so I left the entire game walking randomly into jungle( do whatever you want), as the title saiz, I'll play another game since this is officially dead to me!
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