Flash removal

* So, I've been wondering, will Riot ever possibly remove Flash from the game? Why? Because I think it's a very broken spell, broken and stupid. It gives some champs bigger advantages than it gives to others. I also find it pretty hard to predict. I don't know when the enemy has flash or not, except if I was laning against him (even then I have vague idea). Last game I farmed my ass out and a Kennen just came in, flashed and ulted and wiped us out (this is just an example). Sure you could say we were bad, we should've know, but we couldn't predict it, mainly because you don't know when the enemy exactly has this spell up or not. Now I'm not asking for this spell to be removed, I'm just asking if it's possible that it will ever get removed. I've been playing this game for quite a few years now and I can say I developed a deep hate for this spell.
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