Help for improving in solo q(NON RANKED).

Hi. I had an earlier post that got taken down for being in the wrong category...shit happens :P Anyway, i want some tips in a more special way. Imagine this: You are in top(My main), you have taken one turret but bot and mid has lost their 1:st. Now comes the 2 things i want to get help with. 1. The enemy laner is very aggressive in objectives(Especially turrets). They are dead rn but are respawning soon and i have pushed the waves so i can expect 2 waves before they hit my tower. Now i want to know what i should do and what should i think of. Should i go bot/mid and help them? Stay in lane? 2. The enemy laner is less in his lane and more in objectives and roaming, i see him/her often in lane but sometimes outside lane too. Bot and mid is still struggling. I have like 1 - 1 1/2 items and pretty shitty cs as always...improving. Anyway, if you have some time please take it and answer these. But take in consideration that the conditions can vary, there can be raging, flaming, feeding and so on players so there is a lot of algorithm here. What's the best approach to these situations? Dont expect me to evolve in a super faschion because i'm unranked and my skill is probably around wood 2 or sumtin. Greetings: Donut4ever. EUWE.

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