Let us sell skins for reworked champions!

Dear RIOT. As a big fan of your game, I never hesitate to spend some of my money for your product. Playing League, I found some champions more enjoyable than others and soon, I had some favorites. Buying skins is a natural way to both, express my attachment to favorited champion, and to contribute my favorited game, that League actually is. Unfortunetly, some of this contribution is seem to be wasted for me. Let me give you an example. I used to enjoy Shen. He used to be one of my best champions to play, so I bought most of his available skins without hesitation. I had a really good time playing him when suddenly, you have decided to change him into something... Absolutely unplayable for me. I tried to give him a chance and play him after his rework but sorry, it's not funny anymore for me. And sadly, all RP's I invested in this champion are wasted. I wont ever use those skins anymore, I wont ever use the 'product' I bought. **Waste**. Ok. There is a lot of other champions in League I can play, one of my very favorited is Sejuani... You've got it, right? Another money I spent for hers stuff I can simply dump it in the junk yard. I'm sorry to say it, but I'm not finding myself in the modern trends in League. I can't find your changes enjoyable, but of course I can't blame you for that. Maybe I'm too old for this game, but I still want to play it as long, as there are some simple, old-fashioned champions. I'm loosing my mains one after the other: Shen, Warwick, now it's time for Sejuani... As I already said, there is still lot of champions for me to enjoy but... I'm afraid to spend my money for skins anymore. Yes, I'm afraid. If I start to like some champion, master it, then finally invest RP in it and then... You gonna change this champion utterly, making me discard it. That's the problem. Solution? Very simple. Just let me reclaim the RP (not money, just RP or even some % of it) I spent for skins for the champions that were **entirely reworked**. The money I spent will be still yours and I can still enjoy what I paid for (RP). Also, (and most important)** it will give me a surety that I wont waste my cash when I decide to purchase RP again.** I hope this petition will find some serious response. I'm sorry for my english. I hope this thread is still at least understandable for you. Thanks in advance.

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