Miss Fortune's ultimate

Hey everyone, In a few recent games i started playing some miss fortune{{champion:21}} . she really in an amazing champ. But now i came across one small thing in her ultimate that i did not quite understand. What i am talking about is of course the fact that u can cancel your own ultimate by clicking somewhere to walk. This has really screwed me over in multiple teamfights because responding to fast when it comes down to clicking R and walking. The idea i got for this is to make like the Seccond activation like Lucians{{champion:236}} ultimate. This makes it way more easier to use. People in lower lower elo's like me really rely on miss fortune to climb since her ultimate in amazing tool for team fights. This post is just an small idea i had and i am sure riot has reasons to have miss fortune's {{champion:21}} ultimate as it is. Best regard, DitryNecro{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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