Key fragments in new honor system

What exactly is required to get them to drop? How many games at minimum a day? Do all modes count? I don't play a whole lot, I try to get 1 win a day and stop afterwards, and 4 games a day is about my maximum. In the old system I got a fragment once every couple of days after a win, though I haven't gotten a single new fragment since the new honor system. I know there's some hidden limit of key fragments you can get in a 30 day cycle, so maybe I just need to wait for my reset, but I'm feeling like I'm not getting key fragments at the same rate I used to. So, concretely, what is needed to get these fragments to drop? Do I need to play more games, do I need to avoid certain modes, do I need to leave the client open longer, even when I'm not playing? Is it possible that I'm just having bad luck and RNG dictated "no fragment for this game" after every single game I've played. And if it is RNG related, do you get a pitty fragment after a certain amount of games?
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