What's wrong with garen?

Since when did a champion with black cleaver and tabi become able to towerdive a tank? He basically just traded with me getting under my tower hitting me with whatever noskill bullshit ability he has and eating 1-2 tower shots and winning the trade, doing that 4-5 times to down me? Later in the game he did the same on the bigger scene, towerdived with his spin2win into tower eating all we could throw at him, surviving long enough to take one and damage others allowing his team to do whatever he wants. One of the last games garen carried alone by being able to just straight walk up to 3 people and kill all 3. Is this normal? Is this what league's about? The most straightforward champion for people with cerebral paralysis being so obnoxious without a spare thought. Yes, I'm not diamond, challenger, master and all that bullshit, I've been a gold player for all the past seasons but if the game is about "OMG HIGH ELO YOUTUBE STREAM LCS BLABLA" then tell us so we can leave your private pool party ship of 2k/less people. Yeah, and I can't ban him because there are lots of champions nowadays that just make the game unplayable and even more so unenjoyable for the rest of us.
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