How does matchmaking work?

Hi, I was wondering how matchmaking works?? I didn't play for about 3 years and started some months ago, but alot has changed. For example: I had to start in Iron I when i did my first ranked games? while i was always gold or plat before i quit? I'm guessing they made changes so everyone starts at the same tier or something? But the most troublesome thing in my opinion is that in all the ranked games i've played untill now (about 8 or 9 I believe) It's either that I get stomped really really hard and everyone wants to ff at 15, or that I stomp really really hard and we make them ff at 15 or win at barely 20min. I remember season 2-4 you could play and make comebacks, people could drag the game out by playing smart and even win in the end. maybe it's because I got older or something :P but it feels like everyone just quits after a certain point because they don't see any possible way in how to make a comeback. you can check my match history (i play shaco almost exclusively), i either have alot of kills or alot of deaths :P. Or is it that i've just not played enough games yet to have proper matchmaking, because it feels like I either play against people who are way above my skill level or against people who are way below it and not much inbetween. Anyways, just wondering
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