back from the dead ^_^ (2)

Well since probably alot of you might be new here i should reintroduce, I've had my account since somewhere in 2014 (does anybody know how to check when your account was created btw?) and i've had alot of breaks in between because of my school and other matters, i didnt start like, "seriously" playing until like somewhere in 2016, but then i had a major stop somewhere in september or so i cant remember, it was the end of season 6. now however I am back again and with vacation and all I hope to be able to be more active again starting from somewhere in about 2 weeks because then all of my tests from school will be finished and I will have so much free time, further, I am 16 years old, Male, my hobbys are sports, like Judo, soccer and occasionally even badminton, lots of variety, and gaming ofcourse. With this i hope you have learned a bit more about me i guess and i also have a request with all this, since i havent been here since like the end of season 6 i would like to know all of the new things, huge item updates, champion updates, champions in general, other new systems etc. Nice to meet you ^^
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