I think %HP True dmg should be removed from the game

Tanks should always have a possibility to counter certain aspects of the enemy... if they have alot of % max hp, you go for a low hp build and rather a good resistance/armor/mr {{champion:150}} {{champion:203}} = {{item:3110}} {{item:3156}} etc... If the enemy has true damage, you rather wanna drive into the HP/damage reduction way{{champion:39}} {{champion:31}} = {{item:3812}} {{item:3053}} etc... But what can we do against True % hp Damage?, Literally nothing, if we build armor, they pierce trough it, if we build HP, we %%%% ourself over, literally nothing to do against it, it is just an unhealthy aspect that should be either balanced properly or removed, like, make it Actuall HP dmg, or make it waaaay lower... And don't cry about tanks being op now, i know you never built a {{item:3035}} item or Voidstaff if you say something like this EDIT: I am really way too lazy to respond to all the comments, but since nearly all of em are the same saying how Fiora and Vayne are easy to counter bla bla, this post is about THE DAMAGE SOURCE IN GENERAL, not about the champs using them, a year ago or so Vayne was the only damage source for %hp true damage, but Fiora came too, you will never know when the next champ has it and so on, so i made this post discusing the damage source in general, not their broken champs...
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