I suck at my main. Should I give up?

Hi everyone. I've been playing LoL for like 2-3 yrs I think. Riven has been my first champion, literally, the friend that introduced me to LoL made me pick Riven in my very first game vs bots. After some time, I've started to love her, and I decided to main her. And I went full nerd mode with guides, tips and tricks, youtube videos, oneshot combo, montages and things like that. Literally fall in love with the champ and started spamming her no stop. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to do decent on her. This is SO FRUSTRATING. If I play any other champ in toplane with some kind of commitment to it, I can do kinda good. But not on Riven dammit! I know all her pro&con's of course, since I watched every single video out there, guide etc. I know way too much of this single champ for my ELO, and I can do way better on champ I pick for 1-2 games before switching again (maybe cos they're easier, idk). I tried to stick to other champs but none "clicks" for me like Riven does. No mana, low CDs, mobility + shields for when I f*ck up, outplay and show off potential when I'm better than the opponent.. I got some penta's and some 1v2-1v3-1v4 during the years I've been maining her and oh boi the feeling when you pull that off is amazing. Never been able to 1v4 on any other champ and even if I got close, it wasn't nearly as much rewarding as it was on Riven. Has anyone found himself in the same situation? DL;DR I suck at my main. Should I give up on the only champ I truly love? {{champion:92}}
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