Assasin update

so its been quite some time we got the assasin reworks and i like them so far. i mean here and there a few buffs and nerfs and they are fine . what i wanna talk about is the system to give everybody a gimmick a unique style. and you got that mostly right but what is with rengars stronger w why does it have to be a cc removal. its just not unique . i mean gp fights scorbut with his bloodoranges and stayes healthy with them. btw 2 blood oranges give and adult enough vitamin c for a day. and there is olaf a viking and there special units were the berserker, solo fighters who got a bloodrush and fighting to theyr death. thats his gimmick the unstoppable berserker. these 2 fits but what is rengar doing he is a hunter who rawrrs loud thats it, how is that fitting for cc removal ? less dmg for a few sec y maybe but not cc removal. i think riot should overlook that on rengar what do you think ?
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