RIOT, you nerfed Vayne... time to nerf Twitch MAYBE???

The rat is WAAAAAY too safe to play and WAAAAY too OP... he gets so much stealth... and can you tell me WHY his damn ult gives him BOTH this insane range AND this insane dmg? How much easier you want to make it for him? Also, STEALTH IS FOR ASSASSINS... NOT ADC... Stealth has a reason... to get somewhere without getting seen and execute someone... that's why Evelyn, Shaco etc have stealth... an ADC which is the main sustained dmg source of late game should have to position right to get the kills... well, with stealth that becomes so easy it's dumb as hell... and the range of his ult, which he presses WHILE IN STEALTH gives him so much dmg that he can penta kill a whole team in 3 seconds... I'm sorry but all the cards are stacked in favor of Twitch in this game... I perma ban him in ranked, but no champ should have to be perma banned... that's not a solution... he's still toxically strong... PS. So, with twitch, what RIOT tells us is that "You have to win by 25-30mins or you lose no matter what you do"... wow... that's fair... so when you have twitch, just make the whole team defend and farm for 20mins, get two items and it's gg... cause ok, you'll kill him one, you'll catch him in time... HE HAS TO BE GOD DAMN USELESS TO GET CAUGHT EVERY TIME... HE HAS STEALTH TO MOVE AROUND... it's just unfair... a champ with stealth shouldn't be the ADC with the biggest DPS in game... I'm sorry... it's just dumb... What I mean is that if someone is playing Twitch and he's just as good on his champ as I am on mine, he ALWAYS wins... just because after a certain point I can't even damage him without getting blown up... I beat him only sometimes with Ezreal when he's super dumb and let's me poke him from far away all the time without sidestepping... if he has a brain just comes to me with stealth, pressed R and deletes me before I can get away WITH EZREAL!!! PS.2... Don't tell me to pick him... I DON'T WANT TO %%%IN' PICK HIM... OK??? I DON'T LIKE TWITCH... AND I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PLAY CHAMPS I DON'T LIKE JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN MY PICKS... PS.3 Is Twitch an assassin or an ADC? If he's an ADC he needs either a rework or a serious nerf in either dmg or stealth... if he's an assassin, he can keep the stealth but make his dmg be burst and not sustained... no champ can be everything at the same time... sorry...
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