Can you nerf fizz?

I don't get it, he is unbeatable in terms of 1vs1 even zed can't stand against him cause his e dodges his ultimate and it can dodge his skill shots..... Plus if he fails ultimate, if he goes in on you he kills you no matter what, he just q and w and e. Like wtf is there any champion that can do this damage??? I just can't understand how in the fk this champ ended up from being balanced to be broken now. I don't know but a nerf in his w can solve our problems cause i noticed that two w can fk you in laning face or in 1vs1 if you give him time for another w. Nerf please, just for people's sake and fizz mains cause fizz ban rate is so fking high plus the skill that you need for this champion is fking 0 anyone can play him and do the same. I just can't stand the fact of this champion keep on getting changed everytime like from good to trash and back to good to broken....................
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