quinn rework

to start WTF RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you have so match nice rework coming and the 1 for quinn... I like playing her, even she is not the strongest... BUT NOW YOU MAKE HER SO WEAK To start whit her Q, The blind was every thing she had on bot... so why wouldn't you take it... (fu riot) Her W oke good speed bust nice i like this 1 Her E slow nice no problem But then her R RIOT WTF ARE YOU DOING WTF I DONT UNDERSTAND THIS BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! her R was what makes her nice to play and you take it away by som crappy shit, she lose everything where i love you about and i think where the most peoply liked about her... it was nice to go in en kill everyone end when they almost all dead uld again and have som nice kills... but you facked up... Not only you facked up this you are fack up everyting that is fun about this game.... and i will quit lol if you go on like this and i think i am not the only 1 who thinks about this... plz riot this use to be the most fun game i have played and now... it lose it because you are fack up every think... so do you job and fix everything so it will be a fun game again thank you riot i hope you listen Sincerely: Mark V aka Okuy

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