How riots balancing team decides patch notes :

Okay so there will be 5x members sitting around a table deciding balance changes Riot balance team member 1- {{champion:86}} Riot balance team member 2- {{champion:36}} Riot balance team member 3- {{champion:115}} Riot balance team member 4- {{champion:154}} Riot balance team member 5- {{champion:33}} {{champion:154}} - Okay guys runeglaive ezreal is becoming a thing! we must do something {{champion:86}} - Lets make it so ezreals Q cannot be affected by runeglaive and doesnt apply spell affects that way AD and AP ez will be unaffected. {{champion:36}} - NOPE we must "rework" ezreal theres no other way! he's been played in a way he's not intended to be played! {{champion:115}} - Lets make his Q a skillshot! and call it a rework! {{champion:154}} - it is already a skillshot... {{champion:36}} - theres nothing we can do we must nerf the shit out of him {{champion:86}} - cmon guys there must be something else we can do... {{champion:115}}- Nope we are gutting ez nothing else we can do. {{champion:33}} - OK {{champion:86}}- GUYS WE HAVE TO RELEASE THE PATCH NOTES IN 15 MINUTES! people keep complaining about how op ekko is and they want buffs to veigar and zelian! we must do something! {{champion:115}} - Leave it to me, Ill do it {{champion:33}} - OK ~later~ Patch 5.13 Ekko {{champion:245}} "since you guys keep saying ekko ult is op and he can get out of any sticky situation we have decided to make it so ekko's have to use their ult offensively" Chronobreak(R) -> AP ratio ->~~1.3~~-> 1.5 " we believe this will make ekko use his ult offensively and will be a huge nerf to him" Mana cost ~~100~~-> no cost "we didn't want to overnerf ekko so we reverted this nerf we gave him" Veigar {{champion:45}} " we have heard your cry for help and have decided to buff veigar accordingly " Primordial burst (R)-> now a skill shot "since his Q is a skillshot we decided his whole kit should be a skillshot. Dark Matter (W)-> removed. veigar no longer has a W "Since we made veigars W almost impossible to land after the change to his stun we decided to remove this skill since its so useless, we believe this will help veigars mana costs overall" Ezreal {{champion:81}} "Runeglaive ezreal is becoming popular and were not okay with a champ being used in a way not intended, We thought you got the message after what we did to lulu and soraka but it seems we need to reinforce it now and then" Ezreal Q Mystic shot -> No longer apply's onhit effects Base damage increased by 1 at all ranks " we believe this will effectively shut down runeglaive ezreal wthout effecting AD and AP variations of him much" Devourer {{item:3710}} "we have reworked the devourer jungle enchantment, because by buffing afk farming junglers the game will become less toxic. We know this item is op but just like feral flare we will nerf this item into useless tier so don't worry about that" ->now achieves stated devourer state upon reaching 30 stacks "we now have a tiny cute wolf following you around untill you get 30 stacks. This wolf will dissapear after 30 stacks to strip you of your emotions and the friend that you bonded with over the jungle, just like we will strip your wallet when we increase the price of RP on EUW.
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