+13LP / -24LP - Currently D2, I have a 80% W/R Across Last 20 Solo Queue Games

Hi! Long story short, I have approximately an 80% W/R in my last 20 games in D2/D3 but the system progressively made me earn less and less LP. IT started at +15 and has now been only +13 LP. I dropped one game yesterday and proceeded to lose a disgusting amount of 24LP. I was gone for a break and wanted to get master tier before the end of the season but now I am not sure anymore since I need to win a ridiculous amount of games to climb. I understand that there were bugs with the new system, but Riot claimed that they fixed them in the latest patch no? I understand that there isn't really anyway Riot could compensate for my LP losses but here is what I have roughly lost out on. 14*18 = 252LP 20*18 = 360LP 360LP - 252LP = 108LP **I have missed out on roughly 108LP and that is being generous with 20LP gains**, slightly below average on winning streaks like this. At first, I thought the system was calibrating but it confuses me that my LP gains are only getting lower the more I win which seems counter-intuitive. Either way, if we also deducted the really weird LP losses to 20LP losses, I would have lost even less LP. I hope Riot sees this and could maybe use this information to improve their ranked system for Season 9! I love Riot and League of Legends itself, and I am proud of all of the content they have supplied as well as the direction next ranked season is going, but I hope Riot considers applying a harsh MMR reset for next season since a lot of players are probably facing the same issues as me! Many thanks for reading this post and hopefully other people can provide some insight if this has occurred to them too!
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