Looking for a good Bruiser/Tank to use in S8

So I started playing the ranked about 2 months ago, I've been playing since S6, so I was able to reach Silver 5 just before the season ended. However, I feel like I could have achieved a higher level If only I had better early game champions. I mainly play {{champion:57}} {{champion:98}} in the top lane, and the problem with both of those champions is that they're not that great early game. Sure they can hold their lane, but match ups like Renekton into Maokai make tp ganks that much riskier. I tried playing {{champion:122}} , but he just didn't click for me. Im thinking about buying {{champion:48}} or {{champion:39}} but I'd rather not waste my essence on a champion that I wont end up using that much anyways. Just wondering If anyone can suggest me a good Early game Bruiser, or maybe even an early game Tank?
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