Yasuo Noob champ?!!

I created this thread cause I m seriously frustrated since when i joined LoL i started playing {{champion:74}} , even he's easy to play it took me sometime to master him till i started carrying games like a maniac thx to that champ . My friends came in telling me that heimer is a noobchamp and that i should play some more challenging champs like {{champion:7}} so I did play her , by time i started to do what assassins do , one shot a squishy then dissapear , it's actually "one combo" but since they dont see much of the combo lets call it a "one shot". Till the day i still lack some skills regarding LB mostly with farming so when i was improving my farm with LB , the same friend came and told me that Leblanc is a noob champ , {{champion:103}} is a harder champ and i was like "stop right there , cut the crap" as i played with ahri before and there s no telling how boring her laning phase is and she's not easy but not harder then Leblanc wtf . Getting pretty tired {{summoner:3}} of this {{champion:12}}crap , i bought yasuo and started playing him , did my first penta thx to him but one day , one match , an enemy {{champion:86}} told me after their defeat that {{champion:157}} is a noob champ and I was seriously annoyed of how mad these guys can be? I had to write this somewhere anyway ...
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