I´m about to quit lol..

Hi guys :) how are you all? Im playing lol from season 2/3.. it´s a good game to be honest, I got so much good moments from this game.. like first penta, making new friends etc.. but last games are the worst I ever had. I almost lost all games, I mean I´ve got 5 streak lose in row they 2 wins and again 7 losed games. I´m in gold division, after last patch I got so many noob team mates.. like top+jungle together 1/18 I was like 5/2 on mid and bot 2/4 together in maybe like 18 min, or now I selected diana before banning in ranked, I was choosen as mid player and we got two premade players in team, one of them asked if he can mid, I said: no sorry im mid, then he just ban my Diana -_- . I asked him why u ban diana?, and he just: for not letting him mid.:. WTF is this? in game we was typing something about my mom or whut :D so idc but why are my teams so bad? sometimes I also can have bad game, but when I have Im trying to win.. they dont.. so maybe more games like this and I will quit this game forever. but if u want u can play with me :) - one of my last games EUNE Boy Wondeeer - just add me or inv to game.. :) HOPE RIOT CAN DO SOMETHING WITH PLAYERS LIKE THIS! YOU KNOW GUYS WHO RUINS UR GAMES
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